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Frequently asked questions about Kratom

How can I trust your product quality?

Before making a purchase we always do complete research about the company and the benefits of the products they are selling. We always tend to scrutinize whenever we see a new brand. However, we promise you we are not here to make quick bucks; we are here with varieties of glowing kratom products and tons of happy feedback from our existing customers to present how we have helped so many consumers to date and looking forward to adding more consumers to our happiness list. With fast return policies and guaranteed offers, we do take care of our consumers. 

Where do your products come from?

Most of our Kratom products come from the best places around the world for the benefit of our consumers. We only trust verified farmers with whom we have built a long-term relationship. Every Kratom product of ours gets tested in the USA as well as packed.

Are your products lab-tested?

MAHAKRATOM is a verified member of the American kratom association's good manufacturing practice standard practices and program. We go through all stages of lab testing so that we serve you the best and you don’t get to compromise on Kratom benefits. 

Can I get a discount coupon code?

Yes, we do offer discounts of up to 10% on all our kratom products not only to first-time users but even to existing consumers as well. Do check out our banner on the home page for more information. Also, don’t forget to subscribe as we provide biweekly offers to all our subscribers. 

Is your checkout secure?

Of course, it is secured with the SSL certification and as you can see, we are an HTTPS:// site which provides you total security from all kinds of Spam and malware regarding surfing and activities on the website.

Can I pay with a credit card?

Surely, we do, we accept both Credit and Debit cards, and we have listed all the payment options in our checkout column that we accept. Kindly check it once before proceeding and has a hassle-free payment. 

What is kratom?

Kratom comes from a plant species named mitragyna speciosa, it is found in southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Myanmar. However, most of the products that are imported to the USA come from Indonesia. It belongs to the coffee family, and it is getting used by southeast Asians for centuries. 

Where can I find more information on kratom?

For more information related to Kratom check out our blog page, we not only give updates regarding our products, but we do provide the latest updates and news as well. Subscribe now for more information. 

What are the different strains?

There are three main types of strains named white, red, and green which are found in the Southeast Asian region. But to date, there has been no official report about how effective each strain is and that is why MAHAKRATOM doesn’t make any claim to it. 

How long does shipping take?

For most of the deliveries to ship it takes around 3-5 business days. For ACH Orders the payment needs to clear before proceeding with the shipping. To know more check our terms and conditions page.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all kinds of payment methods that have been listed on our payments page. Starting from Visa, Mastercard, ACH, and COD, to Money order to take it all. More payment methods also have been listed in there kindly check it once before proceeding. 

Can I pay with a method that isn't listed at checkout?

We regret to inform you that if we haven’t listed a particular method for payment then we don’t accept it. Kindly bear with us and if you have any confusion or questions regarding the payment don’t forget to fill out the contact form

What is Mahakratom’s return policy?

For any questions related to Mahakratom’s return policy Kindly click on this link return policy. We only accept those products which are unopened, sealed and untampered. If the product that is delivered to you is not up to your expectations, you might follow the rules written in the refund and return policy and we will be more than happy to help you regarding it. 

For more queries, you might contact us via [email protected]

Can I find my tracking information on Mahakratom’s website?

Of course, you can track it, once you subscribe you will be finding out everything related to your ordered items and how long will it take to reach you. Just log in and check out the view order section and a detailed report of the order processing will be presented on it. 

Why order from Mahakratom?

At MAHAKRATOM we provide quality that is unmatched and market's best. We offer a variety of kratom products with exceptional customer service. We import Kratom from the world’s best places and farms for genuine quality and benefits. We are also happy to announce that we provide the most potent and strongest kratom that you can have in the USA while abiding the fair-trade practices and using state-of-the-art equipment. Mahakratom stands for world-class Quality kratom product.

Where is your company located?

Mahakratom is in Diana beach, Florida currently and we carry all our operations from there to the whole USA. 

How is Kratom used?

Kratom is mostly available in capsules in the market, but MAHAKRATOM and SEMBUH KRATOM presents not only capsules but gummies and crushed Leafs as well, which can be mixed into tea or water for having it.

Is Kratom safe?

Kratom is safe whenever it is taken in a prescribed quantity, high dosages can always cause problems. So, consult a doctor before having it and always have pure and lab-tested Kratom just like we sell in MAHAKRATOM. 

What kind of effects should I expect when taking Kratom?

The type of effects totally depends on the dosages as well as the type of strain one takes, so it is always wise to choose the correct one according to the needs. Though MAHAKRATOM and SEMBUH KRATOM mostly sells XL capsules for the convenience of the consumers, unlike other sites. It is always recommended to go through the product descriptions and usages before buying and do some research. 

Is Kratom legal?

Kratom is legal in most of the states in the USA, while few of them have passed bills in legislation regarding the banning of products that contain Kratom but for the time being, it’s legal and we serve the whole USA with our quality best Kratom products.

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