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How to mix kratom powder? Kratom powder vs kratom capsules

One of the most widely used botanicals that individuals are including in their regular holistic regimens is kratom. But since Kratom is made from the Kratom tree’s leaves, the kratom powder may be rather potent, bitter, and herbal. Others put the powder in foods and beverages to mask the flavor, while some claim it is an acquired taste. However, despite all of this, the never-ending battle between kratom powder vs kratom capsules still goes on. There are many methods to use the powder, whether you are new to Kratom and unsure of how to use it or a seasoned user searching for novel ways to take your daily dosage of Kratom. You may simply include Kratom powder into your health routine by doing everything from the traditional toss and wash to producing smoothies or pills.

Taking Kratom Powder

You can be sure you are receiving the right amount of Kratom powder by always starting slow. Remember that you should always start modestly while using Kratom if you’re new to it and work your way up. After getting a bit habituated, you can gradually raise your dosage as you become used to the improvement in your well-being. Never take more than two servings in a day.


  • Toss-And-Wash – One of the most common ways for ardent Kratom users to use their drug is toss-and-wash. Toss your prescribed dosage into your throat after measuring it out. Drink your preferred non-carbonated beverage to chase it. Some individuals enjoy mixing kratom into the beverage by swishing it around, although this is not essential. Try splitting your medication into two dosages if you are new to toss-and-wash.
  • Tea, Swirls, And Other Beverages – You may need to experiment with incorporating Kratom into various beverages to determine which blends best because the powdered form of the herb does not always mix well with liquids. Adding the powder to a smoothie is one strategy that most Kratom users appear to find effective. Kratom mixes nicely with the ice and fruit in a smoothie, just like protein powder does. To help you grasp the day, combine protein powder with kratom in a smoothie. The bitterness of the Kratom is partially masked by the sweetness of the fruit when paired with almond milk or vanilla soy milk to make a tasty treat. If smoothies aren’t your thing, try combining Kratom with a milkshake.
  • Capsules – You may utilize your Kratom powder in Kratom capsules without having to worry about the flavor. Additionally, since you can carry your Kratom capsules with you everywhere you go, you may benefit from an improvement in your mood when you are at work, on the road, or out with friends. You may carry them with you at any time you need assistance coping with daily stressors because they are discrete. Capsules are a stress-free and simple method to take Kratom for individuals who are just beginning their Kratom adventure and are unclear about how to take Kratom in a way that works best for them.
  • Adding Kratom to food – Kratom is simple to incorporate into your everyday diet, and unless you boil or bake it, the powder’s health benefits remain untouched. You can still benefit from it even if you prepare it; however, some people may not find Kratom to be as effective. Think about incorporating your powder dosage into pudding, yogurt, oats, or applesauce. Lemon juice can be added to yogurt to improve the flavor of the Kratom. The consistency of Kratom powder should be taken into account because it cannot mix well with other substances like flour or jam.

Kratom Powder vs Kratom Capsules

The choice between kratom powder vs kratom capsules depends on people based on their taste preferences. For most Western palates, the flavor can be off-putting. The introduction of capsules changed the game and expanded the market. All forms begin as powdered kratom since it has a longer shelf life and allows for the availability of all strains. Although capsules are gaining popularity quickly, there are still fewer possibilities than there are for powder. The longest shelf life is for powdered kratom; however, air, water, and UV light all reduce freshness. Once the leaves are separated from the tree, they begin to decompose. They are safe to eat for three months, but under ideal storage circumstances, they can keep fresh for a year. Between powders and capsules, potency remains constant. The strength of kratom depends on the strain and colour since manufacturers utilize powder to fill or crush the pills. With capsules, dosage precision is significantly simpler to monitor and manage. Powder substitutes need exact, challenging, and sometimes messy measurement and filling.

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